Issue 1.0 June 2024


Organizing free creativity

Noerd is a new service for companies who want to work with independent creative specialists. In all fields, anywhere in the world.

An introduction to Noerd

Noerd is a service connecting companies and brands with creative talent, in all fields, anywhere in the world. We curate and support a community of independent creative specialists, matching people to assignments in a way that lets everyone involved do work to be proud of. What sets Noerd apart is our dedication to seriously organized structure, allowing creativity to be free, while keeping processes smooth.

Noerd was founded in Stockholm in 2022, by Benkt Wästlund and Note (design studio), on the firm belief that nowadays, great creative communication doesn’t have to come in the usual package.

Today, the growing Noerd community includes 60+ carefully selected skilled specialists, from advertising creatives and strategists, designers and producers, to photographers, UX-ers, digital strategy pros, designers, illustrators, and more; all freelancers not employed by agencies or brands. This means Noerd’s clients are able to buy just what they need, making their companies better equipped for a world where the only constant is change.

Ditch us whenever

The whole point of free creativity is to keep it free. We have no interest in locking you in and neither do the creatives we work with. Whether we work on separate projects or build a long-term partnership, we'll choose what best fits the needs.

Let’s work together for as long as everyone involved gets something great out of it, and not a minute longer.


Do you get workload peaks a few times every year?

We believe in leveraging freelancers to bring an outside perspective to teams, be it agency or client-side. This perspective offers diverse knowledge and technical expertise, without the old baggage and run-in tracks. Creative injection, but keeping the ownership.

How do you find the best people when they’re not at their desk anymore?

Noerd featured on It's Nice That!

Radical transparency

No hidden fees anywhere. No extra fees either. No weird fees, no surprise fees. Everything is open, nothing is secret.

We trust our transparent model, both because it aligns with what we believe in, and because it works. That’s why we are completely transparent: about budgets, communication with creatives, deadlines…well, about everything.


Eliminating confusion

We believe the best way to get along and have a successful relationship is to take away all unknowns. This is why we use comprehensive framework agreements, created by renowned law firm Mannheimer Swartling. These agreements provide the same security as a big agency would, while allowing clients to work with the best freelance creatives out there. The client agreements are mirrored in our freelance contracts, making it effortless to use our entire network.

Cooperation all the way

Our collaboration management happens on Monday, where we do estimates, transparent time reporting, structured briefing, binding approvals, feedback, and project information sharing. This way, we avoid the email jungle, and are able to hand over projects if someone needs to be looped out for vacation or sick leave.