Issue 1.0 June 2024


Organizing free creativity

Noerd is a new service for companies who want to work with independent creative specialists. In all fields, anywhere in the world.

Sergio Membrillas, now a part of Noerd!

Welcoming Sergio to Noerd as a freelance Illustrator and Creative Director. A person full of energy and creativity, he balances studio work with teaching illustration in Spain and the Netherlands. His unique style has graced publications like The New Yorker, The Economist, and brands such as Adidas, Vans, and Fila. We’re excited for all to come!

Art Director Marie Häger
now available for work!

Noerd proudly presents: Director Gustav Cavallin!

Meet Studio Reje!

Meet Christian Björnerhag, the mind behind Studio Reje, a restless nerd with a keen sense for aesthetics.

His curiosity and drive are his greatest strengths, complemented by years of experience in retouching, photography, film, editing, grading, compositing, VFX, and especially motion design.


Say hi to Australian illustrator Antra Švarcs!

Antra’s work is vibrant, bold and positive. What’s really special is her use of analog, hand-made techniques incorporated into contemporary imagery. Her works celebrate meaningful human connections and a reverence for nature. Based in the US, she’s worked with clients like Apple, Meta and Godiva.

Josefine Billström Raasakka has 16+ years in marketing, strategy and tech. She works with digital transformation, offering guidance for impactful change. Now also through Noerd!

Innovation + sustainability = iQ Loop

Tarkett has developed their most circular vinyl floor together with our friends at Note (design studio). Together with our network, we got the chance to make a film that represents the process of making these floors, all the people involved, and the design process of the collection that consists of seven grey nuances spanning from warm, neutral to cold.

Welcoming Creative Director Tomas Granath!

Noerd <3 Lilit Asiryan

Where to begin? Lilit is a graphic designer, art director, and ceramist who has worked with design agencies, restaurants, fashion clients, clothing designers, and artists. With experience in both digital and physical design, including running her own ceramics studio, Oners, she’ll bring unique and thoughtful design to the table.

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Color Specialists
Film Directors
Interior Architects
Digital Designers
Graphic Designers
Art Directors
Creative Directors

With 15 years of experience in the creative industries, Sarah Trounce specializes in strategy and language crafting.

Meet Erik Norin! As a Creative Director, he’s bagged awards and steered brands like Virgin Voyages. His kids? Unimpressed.

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Now: Denisse Ariana Pérez!

Meet multidisciplinary creative Denisse Ariana Pérez. Her often poetic copywriting crafts captivating narratives, while her strategic work ensures brands thrive. In the realm of photography and directing, she conveys portraits full of feeling and life. We're very happy to now introduce her as a part of the Noerd network.

Alexander Rehnby + Noerd = true

Say hi to our friend Irina Boersma!

An outstanding photographer with elegance and harmony at heart, together with technical brilliance and a strong eye for detail. What she doesn’t know about architectural photography is… probably fake news.

Shedding light on female history

We were asked to design a physical object that effectively communicates Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska’s mission to shed light on the incomplete documentation of female history. The resulting incomplete forms with striking portions missing serves as a symbolic representation of all the women not represented in the history books.


Good news! Everything is worse than ever.

The creative world has fundamentally changed. Just a few years ago, you could still be pretty sure that the best people worked at the biggest brands in their respective businesses. Well that changed. Quickly. Today more and more of the best people choose to go solo. Why? Because they can.

Get to know
Caroline Foerster!
A truly passionate Creative Brand Strategist with a special focus on sustainability.

Meet the brilliant duo Vårsnö!

Our identity, by our network

For Noerd’s own identity, we decided to work with our creative network to curate a team of talents to develop everything from brand strategy, tone of voice, and graphics to convey our core values of quality, transparency, and creative freedom. We took an editorial approach, allowing for all kinds of creative work by individuals to co-exist within a strong core identity.

Capturing a project for Note

Is your company looking for independent creatives? Or are you a top creative yourself and want to collaborate with Noerd?

Noerd proudly presents
Johan Holmström!
An advertising creative that has won waaaaaaaay more awards than necessary.